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Analysis: The anti-war president is leading the US to war for a third time

Going to Congress likely delays action, but attack is on the horizon.

One of the most on-record and viscerally anti-war presidents in US history told the world on Saturday night that he would be leading his nation into major military action for the third time in his presidency – though he will wait for congressional approval.  Read more…


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In fog of war, when are the media human shields?

Analysis: IDF and International Federation of Journalists have different interpretations of what constitutes a legitimate target.

From November 18-20 there were at least six incidents in which the IDF targeted media locations or vehicles. The fog of war hangs over the facts surrounding the incidents like an impenetrable shroud. Read more…

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Analysis: Round 2 of ‘Israel, Palestine at the ICC’

If the PA obtains non-member nation status at the UN, it may again try to prosecute the Jewish state.

On April 3, 2012, Israel won round one of a crucial legal battle with the Palestinians, slamming the door shut on their attempt to bring Israeli soldiers and leaders before the International Criminal Court on war crimes charges. Read more…