Yonah Jeremy Bob

International lawyer, constitutional law commentator, Jerusalem Post Correspondent, lecturer and more


Yonah covering rare maximum 9 justice panel of Supreme Cour on major constitutional ruling

Yonah covering rare maximum 9 justice panel of Supreme Court on major constitutional ruling

Yonah Jeremy Bob is legal affairs correspondent and international affairs commentator for the Jerusalem Post . He has been speaking professionally since 2000 in the US, Canada and Israel. In his most recent 2014 and 2015 speaking tours, he spoke 25 times, including in New York, Chicago, Toronto, Baltimore, Vancouver and other cities to lawyers, organizations, Hillels, law schools, international relations students, synagogues and professionals. He writes and lectures about security, diplomacy, international law and war, lawfare, human rights, terror cases, major Supreme Court decisions and major trials involving Olmert, Liberman and others. Prior to working at the Post, he worked on public relations and international law in the IDF Legal Division, the Foreign Ministry and the Justice Ministry. Yonah has interviewed with the BBC, Skynews, Voice of America, KABC Los Angeles Radio, Skynews Arabiya, Russia Today, WABC New York Radio, I-24 News and several other Israeli and American radio programs.

He is admitted as a lawyer in both the US and Israel and has practiced law for over seven years in both countries.

Hailing from Baltimore in the US, Yonah received his BA with honors from Columbia University, and his JD, also with honors, from Boston University, where he focused on international relations and international law.

He is married with three children.

livni tsipi 2-10-13-1Yonah interviewing Justice Minister Tzipi Livni