Yonah Jeremy Bob

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Prosecution says Olmert’s conduct ‘blacker than black’

Arguments in state’s appeal of former PM’s acquittals in J’lem corruption trial conclude; Defense: actions not pretty, but not criminal. 

The proceedings before the Supreme Court on the state’s appeal against former prime minister Ehud Olmert’s acquittals in the Jerusalem corruption trial concluded Thursday, the second day of arguments, with the state calling Olmert’s conduct “blacker than black” and the defense saying his conduct was “not pretty, but not criminal”  Read more…

Liberman denies all charges as graft trial begins

Witnesses to begin testifying by end of April; trial end date will preclude Liberman from being appointed minister. 

After years of investigation and build-up, former foreign minster Avigdor Liberman pleaded not guilty and denied the charges against him of fraud and breach of public trust, at the opening of his trial on Sunday afternoon. Read more…