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Is a preemptive strike on Syria’s WMD legal?

Analysis: Not all use of chemical weapons an immediate, massive disaster.

As news reports are rampant with the possibility of an Israeli or US strike on Syria’s chemical weapons, it is important to recall the law of armed conflict principles which come into play. Read more…


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In fog of war, when are the media human shields?

Analysis: IDF and International Federation of Journalists have different interpretations of what constitutes a legitimate target.

From November 18-20 there were at least six incidents in which the IDF targeted media locations or vehicles. The fog of war hangs over the facts surrounding the incidents like an impenetrable shroud. Read more…

Will new US policy hinder Israel’s war on terror?

After Obama’s speech curtailing war on terror, Israel may once again be alone in aggressive approach to fighting terror.

Ready or not, Israel’s relatively free hands in conducting its war on terror may finally be tied.

Since September 11, 2001, the United States’s much more aggressive approach to combating terror has often provided Israel with a blanket of immunity. Even as many groups and states criticized Israel for targeting killings and for the death of civilians during military operations, the impact of the criticism was always attenuated by Israel’s ability to quickly point out examples of recent US targeted killings and large civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. Read more...

The state of cyber warfare law

As yet, there are no specific convention or treaty to regulate cyber warfare and seriously address its unique characteristics. 

Cyber warfare is a perplexing problem for nations, for theorists and for military lawyers. It is hotly debated how existing principles of the law of armed conflict should apply to the relatively new phenomenon. Read more…

Analysis: The wall in the court room

Whether the security wall near Battir gets extended or not, it appears that overall this will be just one more round between two perspectives on resolving security, human rights and cultural issues in the West Bank. 

The battle lines were drawn in stone, almost like a wall.

On one side of the court room before the High Court of Justice on Wednesday was the state attorney and a colonel from the IDF’s Civil Administration of Judea and Samaria. Read more…

Is targeting Hamas leaders off battlefield legal?

Analysis: Mofaz and MKs want a return to controversial policy for purposes of deterrence.

Opposition leader Shaul Mofaz and Knesset members from at least two other parties are explicitly or implicitly calling for returning to targeting Hamas leaders as a way of returning deterrence and quiet to the South. But is such a move legal? Is it legal to target the heads of Hamas, even if they are not on the battlefield or on their way to the battlefield, according to the law of armed conflict? In a declared war, the law of armed conflict clearly allows targeting war-planners and decision-makers, assuming the applicable rules of proportionality and necessity are followed. Read more…