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Prosecution says Olmert’s conduct ‘blacker than black’

Arguments in state’s appeal of former PM’s acquittals in J’lem corruption trial conclude; Defense: actions not pretty, but not criminal. 

The proceedings before the Supreme Court on the state’s appeal against former prime minister Ehud Olmert’s acquittals in the Jerusalem corruption trial concluded Thursday, the second day of arguments, with the state calling Olmert’s conduct “blacker than black” and the defense saying his conduct was “not pretty, but not criminal”  Read more…


Will new US policy hinder Israel’s war on terror?

After Obama’s speech curtailing war on terror, Israel may once again be alone in aggressive approach to fighting terror.

Ready or not, Israel’s relatively free hands in conducting its war on terror may finally be tied.

Since September 11, 2001, the United States’s much more aggressive approach to combating terror has often provided Israel with a blanket of immunity. Even as many groups and states criticized Israel for targeting killings and for the death of civilians during military operations, the impact of the criticism was always attenuated by Israel’s ability to quickly point out examples of recent US targeted killings and large civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. Read more...

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Court rejects Rabbinate order, keeps husband jailed

Husband refusing to grant his wife a divorce will remain in prison until the court hears a full petition filed by the wife.

Mavoi Satum (“Dead End”) announced on Thursday that the High Court of Justice struck down part of an order of the Rabbinical High Court, the result of which is that a husband refusing to grant his wife a divorce will remain in prison until the court hears a full petition filed by the wife. Read more…

A-G: State will not appeal victory by Women of Wall

After consultations with Bennett, Western Wall rabbi, Weinstein won’t appeal decision to allow women to wear tallitot at Wall.

Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein on Monday night announced that the state would not appeal the Jerusalem District Court’s recent ruling releasing arrested Women of the Wall members and potentially undermining the prohibition against non-Orthodox prayer at the Western Wall. Read more…